Open House: It Is What It Is

SHoP invites you to come and see the house in process of being cared for, renovated, re-conceived and energized.

SHoP will house a small-press library and book exchange; Red Flags Salon; a wood shop and sign-up project space; the Hyde Park Kunstverein, a Berlin-style community art museum featuring local collections and artists; CurioPantry, an ongoing exhibition space within a Victorian pantry; a time-bank, where you can trade your skills for other goods and services; A community radio station and recording studio; a seed bank; a fort-building room and kids’ wood shop; a movement and bodywork space; a film screening room; ongoing art installations; and more!

This is an all-ages event. Childcare provided from 4:00 to 10:00pm. for a suggested donation of $10-$30.

           It Is What It Is
          October 1, 2011 from 4 until ?

          exhibiting artists

John Preus: Slow Recovery
David Cox and Alexis Grinbold
Sally Alatalo and Simon Anderson: The Doggerel and Poetry Show
Maria Constanza Garrido
Katherine Harvath
Kevin Reiswig
Heather Mullins and Meaghan Burritt
CurioPantry: Marvin Tate
Heather Mullins and Hannah Givler
Jennifer Yorke
Adam Rose
South Side Projections: Michael W. Phillips, Jr.
The Cinema Culture: Amir George
JayVe Montgomery
Vicky Yen: On the Other Hand Animation Show
Will Gross
Y. Vittles of Everything Is Terrible!
Hyde Park Kunstverein: KAGAN Radios
Stacza Lipinski

Scheduled Things Roving Things Constant Things
5pm: Video screening
530pm: Movement lessons
6pm: Video screening
630pm: Movement lessons
7pm: Video screening
730pm: Poetry reading
730pm: Movement lessons
8pm: Video screening
830pm: Movement lessons
9pm: Video performance
Spontaneous music
Oral history project
Video loops
Snow globes

3 thoughts on “Open House: It Is What It Is

  1. Michael Phillips and Jayve Montgomery are a dynamic duo of support. Bronzeville Historical Society is so grateful for their expertise and guidance in recording oral histories and more. Can we host our 10year anniversary bash in Dec. at SHop?

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