Hyde Park Kunstverein

Alberto Aguilar: Object Reservation

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 26th, 6:00 – 11:00 pm
Red Flags Salon hosts: Rafael E. Vera and Mara Baker

Exhibition Runs: May 26 – July 15, 2012
(A schedule of accompanying events will be released separately)

Alberto Aguilar: Object Reservation
The shelves of the library are filled with white objects collected from homes of Hyde Park residents. These are intentionally arranged to speak to one another and as a whole. They represent an array of Hyde Park residents but are mute due to the fact that they are colorless and compulsively arranged in a frontal manner. A few pieces of white furniture within the space function in the same way as their shelved counterparts.

A table and two chairs stand as sentinels at the entrance of the space but are not recognizable at first glance. The chairs show their backs and are covered with painted white planes, the table is turned at its side baring its top, covered with a white tablecloth. This obscures what they are and blocks the view of the guests and their immediate entrance. Visitors are able to walk around them to enter the space at which point they can recognize them as chairs and a table and be presented by all of the shelved white objects.

The final component of this exhibit is a sound piece that one could listen to in the peace and quiet of the library on headphones. It is composed of excerpts from interviews of the same people that lent their objects. These sound bites consist of their candid views towards living in Hyde Park, descriptions of the lent objects and their significance and impromptu singing or refusal to do so.


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