The CurioPantry is a Victorian pantry filled with beautiful, dark wood shelves and glass-fronted cupboards. It was just too wonderful to use for storing boxes of dried mashed potatoes, so we turned it into an intimate, unique exhibition space.

October 2011: Marvin Tate’s Brilliant Corners, Brilliant Lights

Marvin Tate is a performance poet, musician, and teacher. He runs Green City Artists Studio with his wife, photographer Lucy Mueller.

He collects objects (balloons, wine corks, miniatures, disfigured toys, insects, rocks, etc.) from thrift stores, back alleys, and his travels. He juxtaposes them in recycled jars, old dressers, and cardboard boxes to create social and political observations about class, race, and sex. The results are an array of eerie snow globes, dioramas (with and without music) and an assortment of lighted and musical sculptures.

SHoP is proud to host a selection of his snow globes for the month of October 2011.


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