Co-op Camp: Chicago

The Southside Hub of Production is opening it’s doors for a weekend of transdisciplinary events focused on collaboration, cooperation and grassroots organization. Based on the Finnish model, Coop Camp, Co-op Camp will be an occasion to learn by sharing experiences, stories and practices through informal presentations, workshops and activities.

The event takes an open organizational style. Based on the un-conference model, all forms of presentation are welcome including, but not limited to speaking, cooking, construction, game-playing, puppetry, audience participation and/or movement and physical actions. Some times will be scheduled, while others will be open. We will encourage some people to contribute, as well as make an open call for those to turn up to share their ideas, perspectives, and processes of cooperation.

A rich history of cooperative efforts has shaped the Hyde Park neighborhood, Co-op Camp is an opportunity for us to explore the empowering ways in which we can learn, live and grow as a community.  

Contact Victoria at for scheduling. Below is our evolving schedule, please check back for updates.


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