Community WoodSHoP (Wed)

Updated April 25, 2012

The Community WoodSHoP is just that: a community woodshop. Want to learn how to build a bookcase? Step right in. Have some boards you need to cut but you don’t have space? We have plenty of space.

Community WoodSHOP Now Open!

Wednesdays 9:30pm-11:30pm in the basement of SHoP.

(check calendar for hours)

We have a small but well-equipped woodshop in the basement, which includes a table saw, mitre saw, drill press, and a variety of hand tools. And we have a small crew of knowledgeable woodshop managers who will be on hand to help you with your projects, if you need it.

Projects might include

furniture repair, small building projects such as birdhouses and picture frames, canvas stretchers for painters…

The manager will make all cuts for you on the table saw and chop saw. Most of the hand tools are available for public use.

We cannot guarantee that each manager will know exactly how to help with your project. The best thing to do is to contact them at the email listed on the calendar, and ask if they can help.

$20 per hour – all fees go to SHOP to maintain the facility and develop further programming. Contact John Preus for further details:

Thanks to the Kinsman family (Doug, Eric, Janet, Rob, and Owen [not pictured]) for donating a table saw.


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