Assisted Woodshop Open (Wed)

Assisted Woodshop

Every Wednesday 9:30pm to 11:30pm

Bring in your woodworking projects, and work with an assistant. Our assistant will make the cuts for you, and help you with your project. Or drop off small repair projects for our knowledgeable staff.

Wood shop rates:
Hourly rates: $20/hr.
Repair projects will be charged at the same rate.
We will soon have monthly rates as open hours increase.

Work at your own risk. Be safe, and careful.
Contact Jeremiah for information or questions about your project:


One thought on “Assisted Woodshop Open (Wed)

  1. I’m interested in your open woodshop. Do you have a belt sander? I craft handmade skateboards from antique wooden waterskis, and mytool collection is limited, which can be frustrating. Are there any other open woodshops in Chicago, or other resources where i can access professional advice and quality tools? thanks for your help.

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