Butter Elbow Animation Festival


Saturday, November 8th
6:00 – 8:00PM

at The Experimental Station 6100 S Blackstone Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Chicago Butter Elbow Animation Festival is a biannual experimental animation festival dedicated to animated film lovers, artists, and new animators

Our festival this year has received films from Australia, Finland, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, and USA. Come and join us to see ‘Jessica’, by Amy Lockhart, the lovely Canadian artist who has her latest paper cutout animation in the show. ‘Sticky’, an animated documentary from Australia by our two time participant Jilli Rose!
Also, three absolutely amazing pieces introduced by the Italian sound artist, Andrea Martignoni.

B.E.A.F. is also a platform to support young artists. ‘Brain’, a short by a first time animator, 15 year old Chen-Yang Lin who is now going through the tough high school entrance exam in Taiwan. ‘Walls’, by Lauren Mackey, created a little blue creature to tell a story reflecting human behavior.

B.E.A.F. started as an experimental animation festival in an experimental alternative art space in Hyde Park called The Op Shop, our goal is to continue to bring new animation films and animators to the south side of Chicago. Join us on November 8th at the Experimental Station!

Vicky Yen, Laura Shaeffer and Samantha Lotti

articipating Films and Artists, B.E.A.F. 2014

‘Brain’ by Chen-Yang Lin
‘Walls’ by Lauren Mackey
‘Ruins of Heart’ by Chia-Ying Chen
‘Elsewhere, The Survivors’ by Ali Aschman
‘Il Bruco e la Gallina (Caterpillar and Hen)’ by Michela Donini and Katya Rinaldi
‘Malus’ by Shelly Liu and Lihan Zhang
‘IMPERMANENCE 無常’ by Tien-Yu Miao
“Bailiff – ‘Helicopter'” by Vicky Yen
‘Recollection’ by Tal Kantor
‘La Testa tra le Nuvole (Absent Minded)’ by Roberto Catani
‘SAN LASZLO CONTRO SANTA MARIA EGIZIACA (Saint Laszlo against St Mary of Egypt)’ by Magda Guidi
‘Carcass’ by Joshua James
‘Nice Guy ‘ by Nick Tuinstra
‘Jessica’ by Amy Lockhart
‘Changeling’ by Leena Jääskeläinen
‘Sticky’ by Jilli Rose
‘Aurora’ by Anne Savitie

(Not the final screening order)

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