Ad-Hoc Playground at Elm Park from August 15th to August 18th!


SHoP and the friends of Elm Park invite artists, musicians, performers, storytellers, educators, adults and children of all ages to participate in our first 4 day Ad-Hoc Playground. Since SHoP no longer has a physical space, we are thinking of an outdoor community center without walls with a constantly evolving, additive and participatory process of engagement with our public space. Come out, bring cardboard for a huge Fort Cardboard, make an interactive installation or project or come visit ones made by other artists (artists involved will be listed on Facebook: We hope to have an outdoor concert night Saturday evening and ongoing creative interventions and interactions with the park and it’s neighboring community, focusing on how we can more creatively use our public spaces for social gathering and learning sites, playscapes, living rooms, exhibition space and performance venues without big funding

History: The Ad-Hoc Playground is SHoP’s second investigation into refining a replicable model for the creative transformation of public parks, empty lots and otherwise underutilized public spaces into spontaneously un-programmed play-gardens that may foster newly enriching, but otherwise unlikely, relationships among community members and continue a conversation that meaningfully addresses the humanistic needs of the surrounding community.

Location: 5215 S. Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60615

ELM PARK IS OPEN: from 8:00 am to 11:00 every day.

Ad-Hoc Playground invites participation on these days:

(8/16) FRIDAY
(8/18) SUNDAY

Scheduling will take place on Facebook so please check in frequently. We will also have a community board for sign ups.

Upcoming installations by:

Chiara Galimberti:
For the Ad-Hoc Playground Project I would like to focus on tracing shadows around the park each day for the duration of the park’s occupation. The different shapes of the various elements of the park, from organic forms to man made objects, will be temporarily captured on the paved pathways of the park. The result would be traces of an ever changing phenomenon that would transform with time, as people use the park and add their own tracings. I would like for the tracings to be an exploration of vulnerability their temporality and minuteness, in contrast with the burliness of adjacent apartment buildings and strip malls.

Andrius Kulikaukas:
“Think Through” a walk-through, transparent labyrinth reflecting his lifelong philosophical commitment to the application of knowledge and the quest to discover absolute truth.

More to come, see details on our facebook event page and website: