Marissa Lee Benedict: some thoughts about her work

Just re-reading Ken Isaac’s manual, and came across the term “head-tooling” (his word for rethinking or remodeling) – other titles I like from his book: “Getting It Together”, “Interchangeable Parts”, “Liberated Space” …

Revisiting a dialogue around form, function and utopian models of living begun in the 1960s and 70s by the Whole Earth Catalogs and Ken Isaac’s 1974 utopian manual How to Build Your Own Living Structures, I am interested in considering how and what we consider “living” – whether that be the “liveliness” of the materials we work with, the places we occupy or the people we cohabit this planet with.  Invited by Laura Shaeffer and Home Gallery to literally intervene in their living, sleeping and working habits, I am excited to build a modified set of twin “living structures” for her two children’s bedrooms. Grafting these structures into the exiting oak bedframes, I would like to consider how a “living structure” can integrate itself into the daily activities that constitute work, play, sleeping, etc. while providing the flexibility and room for the growth and change required by the  evolving, transforming needs of “living”.


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