South Side Story Slam

Tuesday, December 4th
7:00 – 9:00 pm

The theme is: “Long Goodbyes”

Have fun with this theme and share your well crafted 5 minute stories at our fourth South Side Story Slam!

Admission: $ 7.00, includes one beverage and refreshments
Reservations suggested

Basic Rules and Details:

      1) Stick to the theme
      2) No papers – Story is told from memory, BUT not memorized
      3) No props, musical instruments.
      4) 5 minute limit, points deducted if you go over
      5) Judges base scores on how well the teller crafted and told the story. (Content is given twice the weight of delivery). Did story address the theme and time limit
      6) Must be “true” story of teller’s own creation. No myths, legends or cultural tales
      7) Open to anyone 18 or over who puts their name in the ”hat.”
      8) Ten slots. There may be more than 10 people who want to tell.
      Not all will go.

If any of our seasoned storytellers receiving this wants to be a “celebrity judge” please let me know.

Questions? Reservations? To Volunteer? Please get in touch.

Complete information on SHoP’s website:
Judith Heineman,
juhestories at; 312-925-0439
Kirsten Madsen: kirsten madsen at, 817-271-3456.
Laura Shaeffer, Artistic Director of SHoP: laura.shaeffer at, 773-710-5464


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