Piranha Club #6: A Southside Holiday Feast

Saturday, December 1st
5:00 pm
Hosted by Eric May

For my recent project, Hot Mix, I intended to unpack food traditions of the Southside of Chicago, a region in which each branch of my family tree has resided – on my mother’s maternal side as far back as five generations. One thread of the project was to trace back family cooking traditions, particularly on that side of my family, which for one reason or another did not quite pass down through the generations. My mother’s mother, fondly known as Grandma Kay- as delightful as she was, was never celebrated for her skills in the kitchen.

So I looked to her sister, my 96 year old Aunt Helen, one of my very favorite people, to find a narrative of food traditions in that branch of my family tree with the deepest Southside roots. Helen grew up in the South Shore in the 1920’s in a German American household. On September 10th, 2012 my mom and I took Aunt Helen out to lunch and we had a delightful chat about the food traditions of the Christoph family. I recorded her stories and was able to compile a menu of recipes similar to those my family would have enjoyed. To commemorate Aunt Helen, our family’s food traditions, and the conclusion of my project, I will prepare a meal that reflects the types of foods that my family would have enjoyed, in particular during the holidays, ninety years ago on the Southside. And we’ll actually enjoy this feast on the Southside to boot- the Southside Hub of Production has graciously opened their doors to host this meal, which is located just two and a half miles north of the Christoph family home at 7017 S. Constance.

The menu:

Roast Goose
Liver Dumplings
Braised Red Cabbage
Wilted Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing
Plum Cake

$40 with wine
Purchase tickets HERE

Limit 20 seats.

My apologies to vegetarians, these meaty old German recipes do not lend themselves to substitutions.


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