IN WAR: Intergenerational Trauma

Students at Bowen High School followed a project on gun violence with an exploration of some significant technologies associated with the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: improvised explosive devices (IEDs), prosthetic limbs, and unmanned aerial drones. We used wood to make limbs and planes, and ceramics and cardboard to create camouflaged models of explosives, as well as undertaking readings and discussions about the recent history of these technologies. The work is now on display at the Southside Hub of Production in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The project attempts to relate the local armed conflict between official and “insurgent” forces on the streets of Chicago to the conflicts that are bringing U.S. soldiers (many of them from neighborhoods such as those where our high school is located) into conflict with populations containing some elements that resist their presence.

An upcoming opening event, including our students from Kenwood High School, Bowen High School, and the group Peace Warriors will be occurring in the next month. The show is free and open to the public whenever the space is open.


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