Black and White and Read All Over: In Progress Showing


Wednesday, November 21st at 8:15pm

Black and White and Read All Over is a narrative movement-based performance, developed and conceived by Isaac Fosl-van Wyke. It is being produced as part of SHoP’s monthlong project, “Towards A Union of Public Artists,” and has been made possible by a CAAP grant from the city of Chicago with the gracious participation of performers Lisa Leszczewicz, Emily Lukasewski, Darling Squire and visiting artists David Lakein, Constance Michelle Blackmon Lee, Francesca Dana, and Griffin Sharps.

The form and content of the piece challenge the definition and use of “technology.” Several performers take turns embodying the main character, Harmonia, who has a hole burnt into the center of her vision from a desperate attempt to “read” the sun. For the rest of her life she can see only with her periphery, nothing directly in front of her. During the play she travels on a CTA train, where she is pulled by fragmented advertisements into the myth-world of Cadmus, the king of Thebes who brought the phonetic alphabet from Phoenicia to Greece.

Song, dance, and myth overlap to tell this story inspired by a second-hand story of true events, and a performative translation of Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media.”

On Wednesday night, all are invited to come witness, participate, and give feedback utilzing Liz Lerman’s critical-response process.

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