December 15, 2012
Southside Hub of Production MOVING PARTY

We’ve had a good run, and to honor and remember our time in this beautiful old mansion, please come and join us for our final celebration of life in the Fenn House

1:00 – 6:00 pm
Closing Reception: Toward a Union of Public Artists

An open house led by SHoP resident artists. Join us for the last tour of historic Fenn House, visit our Thrift Shop, Soft Shop, Red Flags, open weaving and screen printing studios, and look out for artist installations, performances, craft workshops and more. Check out our parlor for a preview of the silent auction artwork, bidding starts at six. $5 Suggested Donation

6:00 – 9:00 pm
Silent Auction Cocktail Party
Bidding ends at 8:30 PM, winners announced at 8:45.
Cash or check only, please.
$20-25 ENTRY | $10 for Students
PRICE INCLUDES food, drinks, and Low Tide Dance Cover.
All proceeds help fund
SHoP’s relocation!

Purchase tickets at the door or ahead of time for the discount at shop.brownpapertickets.com

Give the gift of art for the holidays. Cocktails and delicious appetizers by Samm Petrichos of Spice. Music by DJ Curt Spins. Auction featuring works by prominent Chicago artists including:

Alberto Aguilar | Simon Allen | Katrin Asbury | Shawn Ballarin | Kayce Bayer | Rebecca Beachy | Marissa Lee Benedict | Michael Bonfiglio | Tom Burtonwood | Matthew Dercole | Krystal Difronzo | Deborah Adams-Doering | Jim Duignan | Pete Fagundo | Conrad Freiburg | Theaster Gates | Shawn Greene | Crystal Gregory | Adam Grossi | Rachel Herman | Sean Hernandez | Samantha Hill | Will Holman | Dani Hurt | Chris Lin | Nazafarin Lotfi | Jorge Lucero | Victoria Martinez | Faheem Majeed | Tony Millionaire | Michael Morrison | Andrew Nord | Teresa Pankratz | Erik Peterson | Caroline Picard | Colleen Plumb | Frank Pollard | John Preus | Casey Roberts | Kevin Reiswig | David Schalliol | Laura Shaeffer | Doug Shaeffer | Hoyun Son | Edra Soto | Andrea Smith | Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford | Bert Stabler | Marvin Tate | Norman Teague | Hui-min Tsen | Daniel Tucker | Rafael E. Vera | Dan Wang | Lori Waxman | Watie White | Vicky Yen

Watch our Facebook page which will be updated up until the auction.

Cocktails and appetizers by Spice’s Sam Petrichos

9:00 – 11:00 pm
Low Tide Dance
improvised, spontaneous, uptempo, house beats performed live by celebrated Chicago musicians and performers.
$8-10 COVER (without Silent Auction entry)
Low Tide is
Matt Lux – bass (Pevin Everett, Pharoah Sanders, Iron and Wine, Rob Mazurek)
Dave Hilliard – drums/percussion (David Byrne, Beth Orton, Marvin Tate’s D-Settlement, Dan Zanes)
LeRoy Bach – guitar (Theaster Gates and the Black Monks of Mississippi, Wilco, Iron and Wine, Beth Orton.)
featuring Avery R Young and Tina Howell

Past guests have included Yaw, Stuart Bogie (Fela musical), Rob Mazurek (Exploding Star Orchestra), Dan Bitney (Tortoise), Khari Lemuel, Elliot Bergman (Nomo, Wild Belle), Theaster Gates, Quin Kirchner (Nomo), Marvin Tate, Ugochi.

☆ Patience Williams hosts at Red Flags ☆


South Side Story Slam

Tuesday, December 4th
7:00 – 9:00 pm

The theme is: “Long Goodbyes”

Have fun with this theme and share your well crafted 5 minute stories at our fourth South Side Story Slam!

Admission: $ 7.00, includes one beverage and refreshments
Reservations suggested

Basic Rules and Details:

      1) Stick to the theme
      2) No papers – Story is told from memory, BUT not memorized
      3) No props, musical instruments.
      4) 5 minute limit, points deducted if you go over
      5) Judges base scores on how well the teller crafted and told the story. (Content is given twice the weight of delivery). Did story address the theme and time limit
      6) Must be “true” story of teller’s own creation. No myths, legends or cultural tales
      7) Open to anyone 18 or over who puts their name in the ”hat.”
      8) Ten slots. There may be more than 10 people who want to tell.
      Not all will go.

If any of our seasoned storytellers receiving this wants to be a “celebrity judge” please let me know.

Questions? Reservations? To Volunteer? Please get in touch.

Complete information on SHoP’s website: southsidehub.wordpress.com.
Judith Heineman,
juhestories at aol.com; 312-925-0439
Kirsten Madsen: kirsten madsen at uchicago.edu, 817-271-3456.
Laura Shaeffer, Artistic Director of SHoP: laura.shaeffer at gmail.com, 773-710-5464

Piranha Club #6: A Southside Holiday Feast

Saturday, December 1st
5:00 pm
Hosted by Eric May

For my recent project, Hot Mix, I intended to unpack food traditions of the Southside of Chicago, a region in which each branch of my family tree has resided – on my mother’s maternal side as far back as five generations. One thread of the project was to trace back family cooking traditions, particularly on that side of my family, which for one reason or another did not quite pass down through the generations. My mother’s mother, fondly known as Grandma Kay- as delightful as she was, was never celebrated for her skills in the kitchen.

So I looked to her sister, my 96 year old Aunt Helen, one of my very favorite people, to find a narrative of food traditions in that branch of my family tree with the deepest Southside roots. Helen grew up in the South Shore in the 1920’s in a German American household. On September 10th, 2012 my mom and I took Aunt Helen out to lunch and we had a delightful chat about the food traditions of the Christoph family. I recorded her stories and was able to compile a menu of recipes similar to those my family would have enjoyed. To commemorate Aunt Helen, our family’s food traditions, and the conclusion of my project, I will prepare a meal that reflects the types of foods that my family would have enjoyed, in particular during the holidays, ninety years ago on the Southside. And we’ll actually enjoy this feast on the Southside to boot- the Southside Hub of Production has graciously opened their doors to host this meal, which is located just two and a half miles north of the Christoph family home at 7017 S. Constance.

The menu:

Roast Goose
Liver Dumplings
Braised Red Cabbage
Wilted Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing
Plum Cake

$40 with wine
Purchase tickets HERE

Limit 20 seats.

My apologies to vegetarians, these meaty old German recipes do not lend themselves to substitutions.

Black and White and Read All Over: In Progress Showing


Wednesday, November 21st at 8:15pm

Black and White and Read All Over is a narrative movement-based performance, developed and conceived by Isaac Fosl-van Wyke. It is being produced as part of SHoP’s monthlong project, “Towards A Union of Public Artists,” and has been made possible by a CAAP grant from the city of Chicago with the gracious participation of performers Lisa Leszczewicz, Emily Lukasewski, Darling Squire and visiting artists David Lakein, Constance Michelle Blackmon Lee, Francesca Dana, and Griffin Sharps.

The form and content of the piece challenge the definition and use of “technology.” Several performers take turns embodying the main character, Harmonia, who has a hole burnt into the center of her vision from a desperate attempt to “read” the sun. For the rest of her life she can see only with her periphery, nothing directly in front of her. During the play she travels on a CTA train, where she is pulled by fragmented advertisements into the myth-world of Cadmus, the king of Thebes who brought the phonetic alphabet from Phoenicia to Greece.

Song, dance, and myth overlap to tell this story inspired by a second-hand story of true events, and a performative translation of Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media.”

On Wednesday night, all are invited to come witness, participate, and give feedback utilzing Liz Lerman’s critical-response process.

Three Story Street Feast: Local foods presented in a cross-cultural, progressive, five-course dinner


Sunday, November 18th from 6-9 pm.

Chef Samm Petrichos of Spice and SHoP’s very own David Durstewitz are putting together a street food themed dinner featuring local foods and sustainable practices to be served throughout the Fenn House in a five-course progressive meal.

Theatrical and musical performances will embellish the night, more information to be announced.

$40 a plate including drink pairings. $70 for 2 plates.
To purchase tickets, go to http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/290611
**discounts available to volunteers and performers– please contact Fran at fdana@saic.edu. 

Meals will be available for vegetarians and with non-alcoholic pairings. 

Stay turned for the menu and more details regarding the night.

Conrad Freiburg: Odd Geometry Tour

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
7:30 pm

Returning to the Fenn house from the Odd Geometry tour, Conrad will be playing a set of nocturnes for uke and banjo followed by a new absurd form for improvisation using the ukularp and heptagonal slapstick bucket. These songs have roots in folk forms but veer into new territory each time they are played. Nothing is ever the same.

You have to come to hear Conrad play! He’s back in town and one of our all time favorites at the Southside Hub! Save the date and don’t miss this!

Doors open at 7:30, drinks at Red Flags! Suggested donation of $5, $3 for students

IN WAR: Intergenerational Trauma

Students at Bowen High School followed a project on gun violence with an exploration of some significant technologies associated with the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: improvised explosive devices (IEDs), prosthetic limbs, and unmanned aerial drones. We used wood to make limbs and planes, and ceramics and cardboard to create camouflaged models of explosives, as well as undertaking readings and discussions about the recent history of these technologies. The work is now on display at the Southside Hub of Production in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The project attempts to relate the local armed conflict between official and “insurgent” forces on the streets of Chicago to the conflicts that are bringing U.S. soldiers (many of them from neighborhoods such as those where our high school is located) into conflict with populations containing some elements that resist their presence.

An upcoming opening event, including our students from Kenwood High School, Bowen High School, and the group Peace Warriors will be occurring in the next month. The show is free and open to the public whenever the space is open.