Collective Cleaners Rag Making Workshop- This Sunday!

Ever wonder how the Collective Cleaners make those groovy rags you can sign out in the Collective Cleaners HQ? Well now you can learn!

The Collective Cleaners hand-weave each rag they use and give away on simple frame looms, and they’re going to teach you to do the same this Sunday, October 28th at 7:30 pm, after the SHoP monthly community potluck.

Materials Provided:
Looms for weaving (varying dimensions, all around 8-12″ squares)
White Yarns
White Recycled Fabrics

While the Collective Cleaners always weave in white to create canvases for the display of collective dust & dirt while cleaning, you are welcome to bring any materials you’d like to weave into rags, but be aware that fine yarns will take a very long time to weave into a full cloth!


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