Silvita Diaz Brown and Rich Logan in “Secretos”

Saturday October 27th
8:00 pm

Secretos is a performance exploration in the divergent psyche and the conflict it creates with our desires and the expectation that we behave in directed ways in society. Dance, poetry and sound are the mediums at play.

Choreography/performance: Silvita Diaz Brown
Music/poetry: Rich Logan

It has all been so contained
so perfectly
(Ha Sido contenido perfectamenta)
Everything fits so well
(Todo se amolda)
A life where everything seen is appropriate
(una vida ha donde todo parece apropiado)
A perfect distance from living
(una distancia perfecta para vivir)
And yet a deeper being is longing
(y aun hay deseos escondidos)
Longing for the desires that seem so long sacrificed
(que han sido largamente sacrificados)
And this battle quietly goes forth
(y esta batalla silenciosamente continua)
The world looks on
(el mundo mira sin interes)
Unknowing, unfeeling
(sin reconocer, sin sentir)
As we sink
(Que nos estamos ahogando)
As we quietly die inside
(que nos estamos muriendo sileciosamente)
And moments arise where we can no longer contain
(y llegan momentos a donde no podemos contenernos mas)
Where we can no longer forget that we are life itself
(a donde no podemos olvidar por mas tiempo que nosotros somos la vida misma)
Memory or reality
(memoria o realidad)
Or the reality of memories that never saw the light of day
(o la realidad de memorias que nunca vieron la luz del dia)
But memories that lived too short
(pero memorias que tuvieron corta vida)
And shadows ignored
(y sombras ignoradas)
slowly start to rule the quiet moments
(lentamente los momentos sileciosos empiesan a dominar)
we try to separate ourselves from our longings
(tratamos de separar nuestro ser de nuestros deseos)
and they become the totality of our dreams
(y ellos se transforman en la totalidad en nuestros suenos)
until the dream becomes the reality
(hasta que elsueno se convierte en realidad)

it starts with hair
flowing beautiful
sensual in the breeze
the gentle feel of it as fingertips glide through
on hot days
molten days
how it gathers the sweat until it seeps down shoulders
tickles the nape of neck
droplets run down to the small of the back
Her body arched with ecstatic pleasure
Her body pulsing in passionate rhythm, rippling, undulating
so wanton and lustful seems the intention of her pleasure
to be held from below
every contour of her body clearly seen
Every tautening
Every release
But the small of her back transfixes
Its strength and fluidity
How every movement seems to originate from this epicenter of desire
The longing for places where bodies meet
Warm with this sweat and an inexplicable ache fills the moment
Losing all concern for what others think or say or feel towards this unexpressed want
A pinnacle is approaching
like standing to close to a fire
anything in its proper place and order must be sacrificed
A dream of hands encircling her waist
thumbs white knuckled and harsh looking next to her smooth glistening skin
Fresh with sweat and longing for deeper release

Her hair writhing
Each follicle drips with this desire
(Dangerous but beautiful
controlled schizophrenia)

And then the attempt to go back to our stale other life
Already dead and buried
Lifeless and yet us

Desire once delved into
Shattering the peaceful illusion
Cannot be ignored
It leaves its imprint
Sated for a time it creeps back in
Again and again
It becomes the very ache we were trying to avoid
You can shame it
Bully it
Bury it
Beat it into semi consciousness
Send it into the deep subconscious
Make believe your weren’t even conscious of it
As it eats away at your conscience
Anyway you look at it, it’s a con
No pro
No probono

In the end can we sit with all of these beings created
We are the creator of all this after all
(its our choice
the rise the fall)



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