Informal Art Education and Community Learning Program

October 20th
11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Works / Talks
All activities in Living room 1st floor
Keith Brown & Jim Duignan
Theories of Informal Art Education andCommunity Learning with Q & A. and book release with refreshments.
Hyde Park neighborhood tour with Sarah Murphy
Regin Igloria’s Community Book Binding workshop, informal bookmaking and community exchanges.
3:00 Studiowork in the library
3:00 Peace Warriors to visit with Robin D’Averso from North Lawndale College Prep
3:30 Randall Simmonds bookmarks and Millicent Bradleigh and Modjeh Stoakley’s accordion book workshop
4:00 EveryPeople Workshop Live Improvised Performances.
5:00 Studiowork in the library
5:30 Studiowork in the library
6:00 Informal Dinner with Sounds
7:30 Lavie Raven’s Video Animoto
9:00-9:15 Introduction to Milkwood/ESS (Experimental Sound Studio) sound installation with students from Amundsen High School.
9:15-9:45 Jeff Kowalkowski and Ben Toews will direct a performance of ‘Jitterbug’ by Audio Artist Annea Lockwood
10:00-11:00 Live performance of Chicago Scratch Orchestra; a closing session.

ArtHive Collective
All activities in library 1st fl oor
11:00 Inspirational Music by ArtHive Collective New Library Music
12:00 Dominque Brazeau drawing project projection on the 3rd floor
12:30 Abraham Muhammed’s lamps
1:30-2:30 Alyssa Nastych and Michael Morrison’s studio workshop of kitchen prints and everyday wishes.
3:00 Elizabeth Neurauter and Catherine Zaworski studio workshop on Inside + Out collages.
4:00 EveryPeople Live Improvised Performances
5:00 Vanessa Prachack everyday storytelling and drawing
5:30 Jessica Hoskins and Michael Morrison project + workshop ‘This is What I Remember’

Ongoing Stockyard Institute will record interviews on site including sporadic micro broadcasts throughout the Fenn House.


ArtHive Collective is Vanessa Prachack, Michael Morrison, Jessica Hoskins, Cynthia Saucedo, Randall Simonds, Sarah Murphy, Catherine Zaworski, Alyssa Nastych, Dominique Brazeau and Elizabeth Neurauter. ArtHive is a collective project to explore the exchange of ideas and experiences. ArtHive will use the library in the historic Fenn House in Hyde Park to coordinate programs with the Southside Hub of Production.

Keith Brown is a writer, researcher, founder of the CVAE Club, art educator and Director of Education at the Evanston Art Center.

Robin D’ Averso is a teacher at North Lawndale College Prep High School and works with the Peace Warriors.

Jim Duignan is an artist and professor at DePaul University.

Regin Igloria is an artist and founder of North Branch Projects, a community bookbinding intiative located in Albany Park in Chicago.

Millicent Bradleigh is a book artist and is supporting the developing Lucid Art Space in Chicago.

Jeff Kowalkowski sound artist, community researcher and Adjunct faculty member in the School of Music at DePaul University.

Abraham Muhammed is a glass artist and designer in Chicago.

Lavie Raven is an artist, teacher, Prime Minister of Education for the University of Hip Hop, Social Studies and Language Arts teacher and Adjunct faculty at DePaul University.

EveryPeople Workshop is a Chicago-based, multimedia performance community devoted to the development of new works of musical and visual art. EP was founded in 2009 by musicians/composers Mikel Patrick Avery, Nicholas Gajewski and Nick Mazzarella, who set out to create a body of musical compositions, recordings, choreography, paintings, films and photographs while promoting arts awareness that spans the diverse communities that are vital to Chicago’s makeup.

The Chicago Scratch Orchestra is a dynamic ensemble of musicians that evolved as part of a rich tradition of scratch orchestras.

Peace Warriors are a group of North Lawndale high school students interested in peace.

Stockyard Institute is a collaborative artist project in Chicago since 1995.


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