Toward a Union of Public Artists


⫷ Toward a Union of Public Artists ⫸



⟢Opens OCT. 6th⟣


organized by Jim Duignan, John Preus, and Laura Shaeffer 

⟢incidental music and text by New Material

Red Flags Hostess-Patience Williams from Tac’s Lounge


Alberto Aguilar, Simon Allen, Mikel Avery and Everypeople Workshop, Sean Ballarin, Keith Brown, Collective Cleaners, Conclusionary Practices, Alex DeGraaf, DePaul University students, Krystal Difronzo, Jim Duignan, Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, Hannah Givler, Samantha Hill,Regin Igloria, Nikki Jarecki, Jeff Kowalkowski, David Lakein, Faheem Majeed, Michael Morrison, Thea Liberty Nichols, Caroline Picard, North Lawndale College Prep High School Students, Lavie Raven, Eleanor Ray, Susan Sarandon, Alexa Tamar Smith, Hoyun Son, Bert Stabler and his students, Norman Teague and Tac’s Lounge, University of Hip Hop, Yefeng Wang.

Many more artists will be involved as the month progresses.  Please consult the calendar for more information

The month of October will be one of exploration on the nature of artistic independence and community interdependence, dedicated to informal education and an investigation of the Public Artist.

Public Artistone who acts, thinks, and/or learns publicly and in some way exhibits his/her performance of daily life, or entangles it with public life. The Public Artist might be one whose daily endeavors, say, seeking studio space, finding a place to live, eating dinner, raising children, seeking education for himself or her children… all become endeavors that are shared, informed by broader needs than ones own, and pursued with some degree of aesthetic or poetic sensibility.


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