Toward a Union of Public Artists


Toward a Union of Public Artists

We are pleased to announce that SHoP will continue programming throughout the month of October and will be featured during Chicago Artists Month.

The month of October will be one of exploration on the nature of artistic independence and community interdependence, dedicated to informal education and an investigation of the Public Artist.

Public Artistone who acts, thinks, and/or learns publicly and in some way exhibits his/her performance of daily life, or entangles it with public life. The Public Artist might be one whose daily endeavors, say, seeking studio space, finding a place to live, eating dinner, raising children, seeking education for himself or her children… all become endeavors that are shared, informed by broader needs than ones own, and pursued with some degree of aesthetic or poetic sensibility.

October at SHOP will be a collaborative laboratory of thought and investigation of a set of ideas relating to the Public Artist:

◎ artist spaces, residential and commercial, for production, exhibition, and social exchange

◎ housing, and developing a volunteer task force.

◎ zoning, code, liability, and ways in which these affect community life

◎ informal education, skill-sharing and outreach

◎ resources and programming

◎ international programming exchange

◎ multi-ethnic, intergenerational, cross-cultural programming and events

Your participation includes

◎ Free space and modestly-priced tool rental, to develop a body of work or to continue research on current work throughout the month of October (There are small individual spaces, and larger more public ones for you to consider.)

◎ mentorship from established Chicago artists

◎ a community of thinkers and makers with whom to discuss your work

◎ broad exposure during the month of October

◎ the potential for longer term support in developing your own Public Art space.

◎ the potential for a longer term live-in fellowships in the future

Selected artists for October will develop a month long project, or series of events and activities as possible models for ongoing programming.


✇◎ Please submit no more than a one page written description of what you plan to do, how it relates to the theme and to SHoP by September 22nd at 6:00 pm.

✇◎ Include a simple calendar of proposed events or programs. However tentative, give us an idea of the logistical and conceptual complexity that your project might involve.

✇◎ Feel free to include any images and/or drawings that could be useful in our decision- making process.

✇◎ Send proposals via email to

We look forward to hearing from you,




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