“Ironwill Tate” – Puppet Show by Bat Honey

Saturday, September 22nd
Sunday, September 23rd
7:00 pm

Join us for a comic, road-trip odyssey by Bat Honey, an artistic duo from Portland Oregon.

“Ironwill Tate” is a fantasy-filled puppet extravaganza for adults. The show features over 40 handmade puppets utilizing ancient and modern puppetry styles. In “Ironwill Tate” we follow a family on the last leg of their cross-country road-trip. At the wheel is Tate, the father and fanatical schedule keeper who decides what they will and will not stop for. Drunken zoo animals, dying wizards, and giant robots vie for the family’s attention, but Tate will stop at nothing to keep that pedal down. This main narrative is the springboard for a series of vignettes woven throughout. It gets strange, folks.

Bat Honey is comprised of Britt Juchem and Ariel Gregory. Britt and Ariel began their career as stop motion animators. Veteran Los Angeles model makers for film and television, they have been collaborating for over ten years.

The show will start at 7:00 pm on two nights, Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd.

Drinks available at Red Flags Salo(o)n
Donations welcome

***Please Note*** This event is recommended for adults! Contains mature language.


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