A Primer on Informal Art Education and Community Learning

***Call for participation***
Edited by Jim Duignan
Final Deadline for materials is September 1st, 2012

This small publication is dedicated to and around the work of the Southside Hub of Production (SHoP). This community centered project encourages local culture making and is a space where broad ideas on pedagogy, performance, and innovative experimentation meet with traditional iterations on similar subjects. Through a range of alternative artistic practices, contemporary and folk art installations, small economy building, community music, woodsmithing and poetry performances, potlucks, and a consistent form of generosity and neighborly exchange, SHoP has become an important social center in Chicago. The Southside Hub of Production has served as a neighborhood hub to gather and exchange resources and expertise, install artworks and provide space for local groups to use. It is an open place to speculate on what a publicly engaging enterprise can offer the residents and in return, help to imagine better examples of resourceful living, communal artistry and a higher quality of life.

This call is reaching out to all the artists and spectators, those who presented programs, installed work and learned something that they may have brought back to the space. The musicians and builders, community residents, artists and archivists and friends who have shaped the changing nature of the facility and activated it alongside the members of the Southside Hub whose sense of living drive the project.

Call for Entries
Please provide clear images (photo or drawing) and short descriptions of your project or program at SHoP. We would also appreciate the dates, any details or insights to your work.

The primer is 5.5 x 8.5, printed in black and white.
Send these items to Jim Duignan at stockyardinstitute at gmail.com


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