SHoP StorySlam – “Time’s Up!”

Wednesday July 25th
7:00 – 9:00 pm

SHoP is launching its first South Side Story Slam and YOU are invited!
$5.00 Suggested donation that will include one beverage

What is a Story Slam?
1) It is a friendly “competition ” of the art of telling first person “true” stories.
2) Tellers are limited to 5 minutes, which makes the story better crafted and more riveting.
3) Judges are selected from the audience and given guidelines. Simply, they give a numerical score from 1-10, using decimals like in the Olympics. Scores are based on content and delivery. A point is deducted if story exceeds time limit.

Who gets to tell?
Open to everyone ages 18+ who signs up at the venue.
10 (ten) names are selected randomly from a “hat.” There may be more than 10 who sign up.
This adds fun to the suspense!

The Story must be of the tellers’ own invention.
No props, costumes or musical instruments.

The theme is: “Time’s Up!”

In light of the uncertain future of the South Side Hub of Production, this theme can be interpreted in many ways.
Are you driven by deadlines? Did the clock ever run out on you? Did you beat the clock?!
What images and events occur for you when you hear the phrase, “Time’s up!” ?
Have fun with this theme and share your well crafted 5 minute stories at our very first South Side Story Slam!

Hosted by Judith Heineman, Storyteller
Winner of a monthly MOTH competition, at Martyrs, Chicago
Producer of Tellabration, Founder of the Chicago Storytelling Guild

Reservations? Questions? or to Volunteer?
Contact Laura at laura.shaeffer at, and/or Judith,

We are finding our way and some of these guidelines may be tweaked as the Slams continue.

Thanks to Norah Dooley and MAssmouth for the basis of these guidelines.

Space is limited; Reservations recommended.


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