Zamin, closing of “On Making Things Matter” and the Final Frolic at SHoP!


The Happy Maladies

July 14, 2012
6:00 pm – 12:00 am

This will be our last event at SHoP as we know it. Our favorite band, Zamin, will play for us one last time. The Happy Maladies are in from Cincinnati, DJ Curt Spins will spin the night away, and we hope to have lots of impromptu roasting, toasting and too full dance cards for the night! Yes, dance cards! We will have surprise souvenirs for all, prints by Dan Wang to purchase and more, much more! More information to come!


Zamin is a very interesting young band from Chicago, fronted by Zeshan Bagewadi, a fluid vocal marvel with European and Indian classical training. The sextet’s niche is mixing Indian vocal techniques with underpinnings of less-exotic U.S. musics — usually classical and folk, but also a bit of rock and light jazz. Zamin crafts tight polyglot post-pop three-minute songs that are downright commercial at times, even though they are sung in Urdu and other Indian languages. It’s all acoustic music, a blend of Bagewadi’s supple and amazing vocals with cello, stand-up bass, guitar and various hand drums.”
– Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Since Spring of 2008, The Happy Maladies have been living, loving, and learning in their home of Cincinnati, Ohio. The quartet met in the Queen City and began a group in the model of a Django Reinhardt cover band, but it was not long before the band started writing originals and took off on a new tangent. Using nothing except acoustic instruments and wild hearts, they tend to concoct unnamable moods in the bellies of their listeners and aim at presenting a comfortable and welcoming ambiance wherever they go.


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