SHoP StorySlam – “Time’s Up!”

Wednesday July 25th
7:00 – 9:00 pm

SHoP is launching its first South Side Story Slam and YOU are invited!
$5.00 Suggested donation that will include one beverage

What is a Story Slam?
1) It is a friendly “competition ” of the art of telling first person “true” stories.
2) Tellers are limited to 5 minutes, which makes the story better crafted and more riveting.
3) Judges are selected from the audience and given guidelines. Simply, they give a numerical score from 1-10, using decimals like in the Olympics. Scores are based on content and delivery. A point is deducted if story exceeds time limit.

Who gets to tell?
Open to everyone ages 18+ who signs up at the venue.
10 (ten) names are selected randomly from a “hat.” There may be more than 10 who sign up.
This adds fun to the suspense!

The Story must be of the tellers’ own invention.
No props, costumes or musical instruments.

The theme is: “Time’s Up!”

In light of the uncertain future of the South Side Hub of Production, this theme can be interpreted in many ways.
Are you driven by deadlines? Did the clock ever run out on you? Did you beat the clock?!
What images and events occur for you when you hear the phrase, “Time’s up!” ?
Have fun with this theme and share your well crafted 5 minute stories at our very first South Side Story Slam!

Hosted by Judith Heineman, Storyteller
Winner of a monthly MOTH competition, at Martyrs, Chicago
Producer of Tellabration, Founder of the Chicago Storytelling Guild

Reservations? Questions? or to Volunteer?
Contact Laura at laura.shaeffer at, and/or Judith,

We are finding our way and some of these guidelines may be tweaked as the Slams continue.

Thanks to Norah Dooley and MAssmouth for the basis of these guidelines.

Space is limited; Reservations recommended.


Meaningfulness – workshop with Andrius Kulikauskas

Thursday July 26th
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Andrius Kulikauskas, Ph.D, thinker and artist, leads this workshop.

1) We share meaningful episodes in our lives.
2) What do they have in common?
3) How does the meaning enter in?
4) What kinds of episodes are there?
5) How can we express our findings through a work of art?

We’re invited to sketch or show related artwork. Andrius will bring his work-in-progress as resident artist of the Bronzeville Historical Society. He is creating God’s Face & God’s Mind, a centerpiece for the North Factory at the Pullman State Historic Site, opening September 22-23. It will be a huge cylinder of brightly painted canvas, 10 feet tall, 25 feet wide, 80 feet around, and will hang 12 feet above the ground. He’s created the inside, God’s Mind, based on the idea that God doesn’t have to be good, life doesn’t have to be fair. He’s now working on the outside, God’s Face, a survey of meaningful episodes in life, a society where people and talents are not thrown away.
Links at

Suggested donation $5.00.

Contact or call 773-306-3807.

“Ex-Static: George Kagan’s Radios” at Intuit

July 13, 2012 – January 5, 2013
Free Opening Reception: July 13, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Co-Curated by Erik Peterson and Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford

“Presented in conjunction with Hyde Park Kunstverein, Ex-Static: George Kagan’s Radios features a striking body of over 50 hand-built radios and drawings produced over the past 14 years by self-taught Chicago artist George Kagan. Included are sets that range from small battery-powered units to towering jukebox inspired pieces. Throughout his decade and a half building radios, Kagan has also produced an archive of drawings, which act as concept sketches, schematics, and documentation.”

756 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Antibody Corporation: NEMESIS performed by Adam Rose and Holly Chernobyl

Saturday July 21st
9:00 pm

An alien spaceship lands in a cornfield in Iowa. This is the overhyped expectation that we collectively hold for the year 2012. But this same scenario already happened a long time ago. The aliens are us and Iowa is the spaceship.


Adam Rose is the Artistic Director of Antibody Corporation, a non-profit organization specializing in mind-body and occult research.  Since its founding in 2009, Antibody has presented research findings in a variety of media including performance, video, and text.

Holly Chernobyl:


Zamin, closing of “On Making Things Matter” and the Final Frolic at SHoP!


The Happy Maladies

July 14, 2012
6:00 pm – 12:00 am

This will be our last event at SHoP as we know it. Our favorite band, Zamin, will play for us one last time. The Happy Maladies are in from Cincinnati, DJ Curt Spins will spin the night away, and we hope to have lots of impromptu roasting, toasting and too full dance cards for the night! Yes, dance cards! We will have surprise souvenirs for all, prints by Dan Wang to purchase and more, much more! More information to come!


Zamin is a very interesting young band from Chicago, fronted by Zeshan Bagewadi, a fluid vocal marvel with European and Indian classical training. The sextet’s niche is mixing Indian vocal techniques with underpinnings of less-exotic U.S. musics — usually classical and folk, but also a bit of rock and light jazz. Zamin crafts tight polyglot post-pop three-minute songs that are downright commercial at times, even though they are sung in Urdu and other Indian languages. It’s all acoustic music, a blend of Bagewadi’s supple and amazing vocals with cello, stand-up bass, guitar and various hand drums.”
– Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Since Spring of 2008, The Happy Maladies have been living, loving, and learning in their home of Cincinnati, Ohio. The quartet met in the Queen City and began a group in the model of a Django Reinhardt cover band, but it was not long before the band started writing originals and took off on a new tangent. Using nothing except acoustic instruments and wild hearts, they tend to concoct unnamable moods in the bellies of their listeners and aim at presenting a comfortable and welcoming ambiance wherever they go.

Coppice performs live works for bellows & electronics

Friday, July 13, 2012
7:00 pm

Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer) is a Chicago-based duet of bellows and electronics. Since its formation in 2009 they have produced original compositions for stage, fixed media, and performed installation settings, with a focus on refracting previous works, while highlighting certain sonic aspects at the expense of others.

Their work has been praised as “virtuosic listening”, “truly unclassifiable”, and “pleasingly awkward.” Their debut full-length CD “Holes/Tract” has been recently released by Consumer Waste (UK), paired with a limited edition print.

Coppice has appeared at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Flea Theater in New York, Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts in Minneapolis, McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival in Shreveport, and internationally in Iceland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Suggested donation of $5 to $7 at the door, CD’s, a 7″ record, and some screen prints available for purchase inside. All donations go to the artists and SHoP’s programming costs and is deeply appreciated!


Call for Entries – A Primer on Informal Art Education and Community Learning

Edited by Jim Duignan

This small publication is dedicated to and around the work of the Southside Hub of Production (SHoP). This community centered project encourages local culture making and is a space where broad ideas on pedagogy, performance, and innovative experimentation meet with traditional iterations on similar subjects. Through a range of alternative artistic practices, contemporary and folk art installations, small economy building, community music, woodsmithing and poetry performances, potlucks, and a consistent form of generosity and neighborly exchange, SHoP has become an important social center in Chicago. The Southside Hub of Production has served as a neighborhood hub to gather and exchange resources and expertise, install artworks and provide space for local groups to use. It is an open place to speculate on what a publicly engaging enterprise can offer the residents and in return, help to imagine better examples of resourceful living, communal artistry and a higher quality of life.

This call is reaching out to all the artists and spectators, those who presented programs, installed work and learned something that they may have brought back to the space. The musicians and builders, community residents, artists and archivists and friends who have shaped the changing nature of the facility and activated it alongside Laura Shaeffer, the lead inspirationalist and founder. Shaeffer’s own sense of living which drives the project, contains and combines many
parts. Much of which has been entangled in her work and witnessed here in the Hyde Park community of south Chicago for many years.

Call for Entries

Please provide clear images (photo or drawing) and short descriptions of your project or program at SHoP. We would also appreciate the dates, any details or insights to your work.

The primer is 5.5 x 8.5, printed in black and white.

Final Deadline for materials is August 16, 2012

Send these items to
Jim Duignan at