Teresa Pankratz: Live narrations of “The View from a House in Kansas, Acts 1 to 5”

Photo by Lizzy Szwaya

Teresa Pankratz

Saturdays, June 16th through July 7th
3:00 – 5:00 pm

Live narrations of The View from a House in Kansas, Acts 1 to 5, the principle narrative of The Dream House Collection OR Tales of Narrow Escape: A Sculptural Novel, will take place on Saturdays, June 16th through July 7th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at SHoP. Readings will be performed weekly (Saturdays from 3:00 to 5:00 pm) and will take place on the 2nd floor, in The Dream House Collection… installation.

The Dream House Collection OR Tales of Narrow Escape: A Sculptural Novel is an installation of eleven print and object-based narrative sculptures displayed under glass and situated on an assembled blueprint floor. As multiple elements, these pieces work in concert to tell the fictional tale of three adult siblings whose lives are transformed when their childhood home burns to the ground.



Dwell is a Verb
by Jeff Ediger

Saturday June 2
7:00 – 8:30 PM

How can a door give a person courage?
When is a wall a friend?
How can I ‘come home to myself’?

Reflecting on his work as an architectural restoration craftsman and other life experiences, Jeff Ediger composes poetic scenes which reverberate with seemingly insignificant details of architecture to recover the human capacity for dwelling. His performative reading of these “imaginal vignettes” will be paired with musical performance by Good Dust, an acoustical duo playing and singing original and borrowed tunes ranging form spirituals to folk across the American spectrum.

Jeff Ediger
jeffediger.com and oakbrothers.net

Good Dust
Aron Dunlap and Pauline Sacher

“On Making Things Matter: Strategies For Preservation” and “Alberto Aguilar: Object Reservation”

On Making Things Matter: Strategies For Preservation

curated by Laura Shaeffer, John Preus and Alberto Aguilar

Hyde Park Kunstverein
Alberto Aguilar: Object Reservation

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 26th, 6:00 – 11:00 pm
Red Flags Salon hosts: Rafael E. Vera and Mara Baker

Exhibition Runs: May 26 – July 15, 2012
(A schedule of accompanying events will be released separately)

Participating artists:
Hope Esser, Nazafarin Lotfi, Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Teresa Pankratz, Bryan Saner, Jorge Lucero, Hui-min Tsen, Samuel Sotelo-Avila, Alex Bradley Cohen, Pete Fagundo, Norman Long, Rafael E. Vera, Mara Baker, Adam Farcus, Alexander Stewart, Madeleine Bailey, Erik Peterson, Rachel Herman, Tom Burtonwood, Rebecca Beachy, Daniel Tucker, Michael Webster, Coleen Plumb, Edra Soto, Dan Sullivan, Elizabeth Szwaya, Matthew John McWilliams, Mike Moceri, Andrea Smith, Chris Lin, Kayce Bayer, Victoria Martinez, Collective Cleaners, Jim Duignan and Teacher’s Lounge

On Making Things Matter: Strategies For Preservation
This is a show about leaving. As many of you are aware, SHoP will close down/move on July 31st. In keeping with tracking our life in the house, this exhibition explores strategies for holding onto experience, for wringing the meaning and significance out of the things that happen to us. We take pictures, we buy souvenirs, we write in journals, we perform rituals, we have parties, we tell stories and embellish them. Clearly, without memory we are helpless, but why not just let it happen and move on? Is enjoyment of an experience exclusive of the possibility of documenting it? Do we have to choose between immersing ourselves in experience and abstracting ourselves from it so as to understand, document, remember, define it?

Cognitive science suggests that when we recall something, we are in each case remembering the last time we remembered it, and not returning to the primary source. Memory is fugitive, like the color red. It cannot maintain vibrancy for long, yet certain experiences, whether chosen or imposed, persist as primary, significant, essential narrative features in our autobiographies. Can these moments be authored, or do they happen in spite of us?

Alberto Aguilar: Object Reservation
The shelves of the library are filled with white objects collected from homes of Hyde Park residents. These are intentionally arranged to speak to one another and as a whole. They represent an array of Hyde Park residents but are mute due to the fact that they are colorless and compulsively arranged in a frontal manner. A few pieces of white furniture within the space function in the same way as their shelved counterparts.

A table and two chairs stand as sentinels at the entrance of the space but are not recognizable at first glance. The chairs show their backs and are covered with painted white planes, the table is turned at its side baring its top, covered with a white tablecloth. This obscures what they are and blocks the view of the guests and their immediate entrance. Visitors are able to walk around them to enter the space at which point they can recognize them as chairs and a table and be presented by all of the shelved white objects.

The final component of this exhibit is a sound piece that one could listen to in the peace and quiet of the library on headphones. It is composed of excerpts from interviews of the same people that lent their objects. These sound bites consist of their candid views towards living in Hyde Park, descriptions of the lent objects and their significance and impromptu singing or refusal to do so.

For the entire exhibit the lenders of object and voice will remain anonymous. At the end of the exhibit the table at the front of the space will be laid down on its accurate side, the chairs will be turned and the space will be opened up. All the lenders, curators and a few strangers will be invited to share a meal and retrieve their objects. This will mark the end.

A Paper Airplane Making Workshop with Kekeli Sumah

Saturday May 11th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Join Kekeli Sumah in his quasi obsessive paper-airplane-making activity during this workshop! We will discuss the various models of planes that can be made as well as why they have become important in his work. Kekeli will talk about material and significance and after making them, we will fly them — documenting the process of making and the flight that will take place!

A donation of $3 to $5 per child or adult is appreciated to cover costs of the flights!

Butter Elbow Animation Festival

B.E.A.F. poster by Susan Sarandon

Chicago’s 2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival
Saturday May 12

The 2nd Annual Butter Elbow Animation Festival at the Southside Hub of Producton will run from 2:00 to 7:00 pm followed by an after party until 9:00 pm. There will be three programs with filmmakers’ work from our very own Chicago to artists and filmmakers from Australia, Italy, Taiwan, Canada, Korea, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, China, and Iran!

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