2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival Call for Entries

2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival
Call for Entries

Presented by Southside Hub of Production &
Stubborn Stone Productions

For submission guidelines and details go to stubbornstone.com

Animators/ filmmakers work so hard at their light tables, computers, camera stands night and day day and night, finally they have melted their elbow into golden, sweet butter….

The first Butter Elbow Animation Festival (B.E.A.F.) started in 2010 at the Op Shop 2, Hyde Park, Chicago. The idea of organizing B.E.A.F. came after the making of an on-site stop-motion animation work produced by the Mobile Animation Station. The four M.A.S. members were Wei-Lun Lin, Samantha Lotti, Kiel Darling, and Vicky Yen, and the Mobile Animation Station has continued to run as an animation blog posting great animation work selected by Samantha Lotti. (motimago.wordpress.com/) As we were brainstorming in the space – the former Hollywood Video store – someone started to do elbow drawing on a newly painted chalk wall. Everyone began rolling up their sleeves and holding their elbows against the black wall and started doodling. As Laura Shaeffer, the founder of the Op Shop created a monkey drawing on the wall, a photo was taken, and the image became the poster, and that was we got the name for the festival.

The 2nd B.E.A.F. is going to be a whole day event including an animation workshop, a three-program screening starting from 10 am to 9 pm on May 12th, 2012. Now the Op Shop has relocated into the Fenn House at 57th and Woodlawn, more people have got involved and helped transforming the space into the Southside Hub of Productions, aka SHOP.


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