Fenn House Strangler: Video and Performance

The Fenn House Strangler

Saturday, March 3 @ 8pm

In September and October, 2011, Antibody Corporation performed a paranormal investigation of the historic Fenn House mansion. Video documentation from the investigation is now being released in the form of The Fenn House Strangler. The film will reveal the manner in which the ghost of Nietzsche still haunts some hallways.

The video presentation will be followed by a live performance, a dance set to the music of Richard Wagner, performed by Ms. Elena Z. Nekrokrishna.

There will be popcorn.


This House is not a Home

the Southside Hub of Production is pleased to present

This House is Not a Home

curated by Laura Shaeffer and John Preus

February 25th – April 8th
Opening Reception: Feb 25th, 6 to 11
Music by Zamin
Red Flags host Alberto Aguilar
Dan Peterman in the Hyde Park Kunstverein
Participating Artists
(in no particular order)
Albert Stabler and Bridget Bancroft, Jim Duignan and Watie White, Jessica Drogosz, Alexa de Togne, Matt Joynt, Kate Baird, Julia Oldham, Norman Teague, Doug Shaeffer, Maxime Clusel, Rachel Herman, Alberto Aguilar, Michael Webster, Crystal Gregory, David Schalliol, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Heather Mekkelson, Tara Lynn Morton, Maia Cruz Palileo, Rebecca Beachy, Adam Grossi, Shawn Greene and Katrin Asbury, Cauleen Smith, Orron Kenyetta, Mary King, David Durstowitz, Marvin Tate, Chris Lin and Kayce Bayer, Kevin Reiswig, Vicky Yen, Emily Segal


The word conjures up chicken soup and stale bread, joyous family life and crippling alienation, boredom and invention, brotherly love and sibling rivalry… Perennial and immanent, local and metaphysical, nostalgic and future-oriented, the images and memories of home are a conglomerate of emotion-laden things, spaces, visions, and the people and gods that inhabit them. The homemaker is tasked with the alchemy of arrangement, with flooding physical space with care, with hosting and inviting conviviality, with setting the stage for the performance of selfhood. The carpenter and architect build according to the imagined contours of the human spirit, and its propensities to dwell beyond its own shape. The “Homeland” is the place where one was a child, and where our politics are formed with their personal and collective fences and breaches. Home is the place, imagined or real, to which we are reconciled, and are always in the process of losing.

As is true of all idiomatic speech, this house is not a home has a popular meaning divergent from its literal one. It suggests a missing element, and can function as a question or suggestion, or a way to test the water for shared values, or a shorthand for an unexamined point of view, or a surreptitious way of saying something distasteful. All sorts of politics are possible in the space between house and home. Idioms allow the speaker and listener to communicate without saying too much, through a series of suggestive but retractable commitments. Similarly, SHOP functions as an idiomatic space that suggests but does not demand certain uses. It evokes certain associations without insisting upon them. It awaits the will and energy of other subjects and bodies to take up the task of turning the place into a home, whatever that may be.

The theme for this exhibition was inspired by our temporary occupation of the Fenn House, once single family mansion turned rental. SHOP will leave Fenn house in the spring as First Unitarian Church has decided to put the house on the market, and the University being the most likely buyer. SHOP will again become nomadic, and in an embrace of that eventuality we invited artists to propose work that responds to the concept of home writ large, and collapses or amplifies the friction between house and home, between museum and domestic space, between public and private. The exhibition asks what is home to the exiled, the abandoned, the gypsy, the foreclosed…the homeless? What is home within a market that treats a house like a commodity, a stage set for the interchange of social capital? How does one address the gap between gated community and housing project? What would homeland security look like? What does this community need right now? Local and international artists responded with work about…

* domestic monuments and the dignity of homemaking, family life, and raising children
* home as an organizational model, an institutional structure
* home as utopia, dystopia
* identity, and family of origin issues
* domestic relationships and their material dimensions, spatial dynamics, and gestural residue
* prisoners within the prison industrial complex and their memories of home
* the poetics of space
* zoning laws and their effects on community
* home as slow culture
* protecting the homeland
* parenting in a world short on optimism and anticipatory grief
* social interventions
* educational experimentation

This Week at SHOP


Friday, February 10th

Potluck: Chicago 8:00 – 10:00 pm
Potluck Preview with motiroti
motiroti is an award-winning arts organisation based in London UK. Its content is migration; its form is art. It works across art forms and boundaries, online and in live spaces, putting participation at the heart of its practice.
Come and meet the participants and learn about their contribution to “Feast:Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art”. Laura Shaeffer will welcome and give
SHOP overview, with local chef, Sammuel Petrichos.
• Bring a dish (bread, cheese, and wine also welcomed)
• $2.00 contribution to overhead
• Dish doing skills

Saturday, February 11th

True Stories of ‘The Underground Railroad’ Celebrated at Dramatic Play Reading 1:00 pm
“The Underground Railroad”, written by Hyde Parker Osa Buchner, tells the true stories of the heroic people who helped enslaved African Americans escape to freedom. Featured characters include Harriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett and Henry Box Brown. The parts will be read by Hyde Park residents Richard Buchner, Marcus-David Brown, Judith Heineman, Brian Phillips, and Brenda and Rod Sawyer; and by South Sider Alma Washington. Light refreshments will be served at the end of the reading and guests can view a table display in the next room on the Underground Railroad in Illinois, courtesy of Sherry Williams and the Bronzeville Historical Society.
The event is free, donations welcome!

Zamin! Concert and online cd release celebration!
Starts at 7:30 pm
SHOP is proud to present Zamin!
Opening Bands: Alec Lehrman is playing 7:30 – 7:55 pm
Coby Ashpis is playing from 7:00 – 7:25
Zamin 8:00!

“Zamin is a very interesting young band from Chicago, fronted by Zeshan Bagewadi, a fluid vocal marvel with European and Indian classical training. The sextet’s niche is mixing Indian vocal techniques with underpinnings of less-exotic U.S. musics — usually classical and folk, but also a bit of rock and light jazz. Zamin crafts tight polyglot post-pop three-minute songs that are downright commercial at times, even though they are sung in Urdu and other Indian languages. It’s all acoustic music, a blend of Bagewadi’s supple and amazing vocals with cello, stand-up bass, guitar and various hand drums.”
– Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Zeshan Bagewadi – Vocals, Charlotte Malin – Violin, Genevieve Guimond – Cello, Josh Fink – Bass, Eric Seligman – Guitar, Dave Eisenreich – Percussion

**We are very excited to announce the release of Zamin’s first studio album. “Thank you to everyone who has supported us, we hope you enjoy”

Sunday, February 12th

First Encounters 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Heather Mullins and Hannah Givler invite artists, writers, and musicians to submit works in response to the theme of First Encounters. Each artist will read or perform their piece within the walls of the Meeting Space, a site specific installation at the South Side Hub of Production. The structure of the Meeting Space has served as a gathering place for visitors of the center since SHOP’s inaugural event in 2010. This event will serve as a closing ceremony for the piece as well as an opportunity to make new introductions and build on the community around this exciting artist-run space. Each performance or reading must fit within a 5 minute time-frame and address the theme of First Encounters.

Stay for our Sunday Potluck Dinner from 6:00 to 9:00 pm!
Everyone brings something to the table!

Save the date:

February 25th – Opening of “This House is Not a Home”
Work in this exhibition responds to the concept of home, as a place and a mindset, a psycho-geography, a set of relationships with things and people, within the home, and surrounding the home, a stage set with social and material parameters, an idea that is perhaps never realized, a story that we tell ourselves and others that is both documentary and fiction… Participating artists to be announced soon!

“The Underground Railroad” Play — Tomorrow!

Saturday, February 11
Free admission
Intended for mature audiences

The struggles, fears and ultimate triumphs of the Underground Railroad will be celebrated at a dramatic reading for Black History Month. “The Underground Railroad,” written by Hyde Parker Osa Buchner, tells the true stories of the heroic people who helped enslaved African Americans escape to freedom. Featured characters include Harriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett and Henry Box Brown. The parts will be read by Hyde Park residents Richard Buchner, Marcus David, Judith Heinemann, Brian Robinson, and Brenda and Rod Sawyer, and by South Sider Alma Washington.

“The Underground Railroad is our way of observing Black History Month,” says playwright Osa Buchner. “Many of our cast members are non-professional actors, but they have all graciously volunteered to play these great Americans – black and white – who helped in the struggle for freedom.”

Following the reading, guests are invited to view a table display in the next room on the Underground Railroad in Illinois, courtesy of Sherry Williams and the Bronzeville Historical Society.