Sunday Soup Salon with Samm Petrichos

This Sunday, January 29th, come join us for our weekly Soup Salon. Samm Petrichos of The Experimental Station and Spice will be speaking about the following…we hope to see you there!

Spice! Smart Mobile Food. Spice is a free-lance chef service fusing Mediterranean and Latin American flavors and using mobile, digital technology to do it!

Spice seeks to accelerate the disruptive path of entrepreneurial companies by promoting food independence and creating partnerships with local farmers and businesses.

Here are the topics for discussion:

*pressures on discretionary spending
*the convergence of personalized food (e.g., dietary restrictions, movement towards veganism, raw food, etc)
*fitness and movement towards health
*culinary education and access to local foods
*revitalizing the social dynamics of dining together as family and or community

This should be an exciting Soup Salon. Please join us Sunday at 4pm, and bring friends too!


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