Benefit Concert for SHOP: Project Film and Zamin

On Sunday, December 11 at 6:30pm, come enjoy some music and help support Southside Hub of Production!

6:30pm: Project Film

U of Chicago grads Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt make sweet, poppy, smart music. They describe their debut album, Chicago, as “balancing between ethereal and dark and sweet and soulful, sometimes even strikingly righteous, Chicago is a mostly-happy-but-on-occasion-a-little-grim indie-pop record featuring ten tracks about skinny jeans, drug trafficking, and the intransience of the entire city of Minneapolis, MN. And just for good measure: growing up, art school, and the trials of starting a new life in a new city.” That sounds about right.

7:30: Zamin

Zamin’s sound comes from blending a lineup of classical instruments with a modern take on Hindustani vocals. Featuring two percussionists, classical guitar, strings, and Indian instruments such as taanpura and harmonium, Zamin sets new ground by creating an energetic feel from a lineup that is completely acoustic. “Zamin” itself means “earth” in Hindi, and the songs are sung in various Indian languages. The band is built on the concept of creating a harmony from the clash between the traditional and the modern, resulting in a live and lyrical sound that can appeal to wide audiences. The members include Zeshan Bagewadi, Josh Fink, Genevieve Guimond, Charlotte Malin, Eric Seligman, Dylan Frank, and Dave Eisenreich.

$5 donation at door. We will enjoy a night of good food and music together. Please bring finger foods for our potluck evening and some drinks to share!


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