Fenn Fair, December 2-4

Poster by the super-talented and unflappable Vicky Yen


{An exhibition and sale of multiples, prints, series, and groupings}

Fenn Fair is a weekend exhibition and art/craft sale of multiples and reproducible objects, that will kick off the one month exhibition, REPRODUCE+ABILITY. The exhibition will include printmakers, mixtape artists, self-publishers, photocopy artists, object and image-makers, and others. We dedicate this most commercial month of the year to small-scale arts production, workshops, roundtable discussions, films, and performance, emphasizing process and skill-sharing. If you make crafty art or artsy crafts and you want to sell your stuff, please contact us!

Friday = Fenn Fair Opening Preview
Buy interesting handmade gifts instead of spending your money on plastic junk at a big-box retailer.
DJ Curt Spins @ 6, Fire Escape Films @ 8, DJ Curt Spins @ 9

Saturday = Fenn Fair, Poetry, Film
Spend all day looking at interesting handmade gifts, then all evening celebrating reproducible art.
Fenn Fair 11-5, Doggerel & Poetry Show @ 6, “Typeface” screening @ 7, roundtable on letterpress @ 8, DJ Curt Spins @ 9

Sunday = Fenn Fair, Raffle & Auction, Potluck
Buy more art for relatives and friends, then have a chance to win some amazing stuff, then eat.
Fenn Fair 12-5, Art Raffle & Silent Auction @ 5, Potluck @ 6

It’s all part of


{An exhibition and workshop series emphasizing reproducible art
and the techniques used to make it.}

December will be packed with a series of artist run workshops:

  • make a short drawn animation film with animator Vicky Yen
  • bake the world’s best cookies with Lizzy Szwaya
  • make silkscreen prints with a Gocco with Clare Fentress
  • perfect the art of the mix-tape with Curtis Spins
  • make snow globes from old jars and found objects with Marvin Tate
  • “repair” a piece of old furniture with John Preus
  • felting with Suzanne Arata
  • knitting with Lindsay Obermeyer
  • more



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