Increase Your Inner Awesomeness

Ann-Marie Shapiro is just one of the many people who operate out of our Wellness Center. She gives classes on how to work with your own inner energy, which she describes as “like receiving an energy healing.” What does that mean?

It’s based on a grounded meditation practice, with effects similar to tai chi or acupuncture. “It is all about grounding and then moving energy through one’s energy channels in the body, in the aura and in the chakras,” she explains.

You can learn the basic skill set in six class sessions, and a more advanced skill set in another six lessons. However, what Ann-Marie really wants is to provide an open-ended, long-term class series that don’t expire.
In each class, Ann-Marie will guide you verbally to explore meditation techniques, but you’ll frequently open your eyes to discuss what you’re experiencing, and she welcomes any questions you have as you go along.

Classes are Monday evenings at 7. To find out more, email Ann-Marie at aliveinsidemeditation[at]yahoo[dot]com.


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