Ben Kolak’s “Schizcago,” Live Music, Fresh Fruit

On Friday, November 11, filmmaker Ben Kolak brings his bricolage comedy SCHIZCAGO to S.H.O.P., with live music by Alex Inglizian’s ensemble El Is the Sound of Joy. Watch the trailer:

When it premiered in May 2011, Josephine Ferorelli of Cine-File Chicago enthused that “Kolak and Rachel Wolther’s script is deathly funny; sharp-witted, slapstick, or absurdist, whatever the moment requires. Alex Inglizian’s sound design is also slyly hilarious, adding an under-layer of disorientation and parody to improbable scenarios.… [T]he look of the film is authentic, this human artifice backdropped by the muraled overpasses, grated bridges and chemical sunrises that feel like home to anyone who’s ever ridden down Archer avenue at the end of a long, weird night.”

The film starts at 8pm, but it’s only part of an action-packed evening. At 5pm, Ben will be presenting a workshop entitled “Methods and Issues in Guerrila Filmmaking” to members of the University of Chicago’s Fire Escape Film group (but the public is welcome too!).

And sometime in there, Daniel Evans will be parking his FRT CRT (that’s “fruit cart” with no vowels) in the library. It sounds like a combination farmer’s market and mobile rummage sale, as you can also buy mixtapes and pants from him. Mmm… fresh fruit sounds much better than popcorn for movie snacking.

We’re asking for attendees to donate $5-$7 to help us pay the filmmakers and musicians, and also chip away at our rent bill.


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