Time Bank: People Helping People

Time bank has arrived in Hyde Park!!

Time banking is a formalized community labor, skill, and materials exchange system that is spreading in local communities around the globe. Similar systems have appeared throughout history, whenever and wherever cash flow is scarce. We think that this is also an attempt at being off the debt economy grid, where we have gotten used to feeling something funny when we pay money to have things done for us. Because of this funny feeling, people in general tend not to have financial relationships with friends, and keep a safe distance from those in a payer/payee relationship.

A successful time banking system brings people together and allows for people to grow curious and close to each other. It gives a safety net especially to families that live without extended family nearby.

For starters, here’s the Wikipedia explanation and the Finnish version:

If you are interested in joining us, we are currently looking for core members to help us setup, critique, and troubleshoot the time bank U.S.A. version of the software, and our temporary system, so that we create as a community a noncentralized as possible system that can be sustained for many years to come.

If you would like to join, check out this Time bank initial notice, which will explain how to join. Or download this form and bring it by Southside Hub of Production. If you want more info, there is a bulletin board in the entryway with all the essential information, including what is currently being offered, member information, and other communication postings.

If you want to We are wanting to reach out to the elderly community and so this system setup is also a must. Looking at this you will get a sense of what you will be asked when you sign up online.

Once you have signed up and have received approval, we request that you offer at least two things and request one.

Offer #1: Your livelihood skill. You may be a professional carpenter, teacher, entertainer, designer, lawyer, accountant, etc.

Offer #2: Your hobby or anything you like to do. You may not be able have a cat in your current situation, but would love to spend time with them. Make yourself a cat sitter. You may have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. You can tutor. You may be missing your grandmother in Tennessee. Help an elderly person go grocery shopping. Also, you can offer things, much like you can on Craigslist.

Request: List what services you already pay for and see if your time bank community might fulfill your needs from time to time.

Gabriel: gabrielpiemonte@hotmail.com
Michael: eastwoodm@gmail.com


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