Film Screening: “Blind Spot”

On Thursday, October 27 at 7pm, as part of their series of film screenings and discussions about climate change and sustainability, Transition Hyde Park-Kenwood is presenting Adolpho Doring’s 2008 documentary Blind Spot, a sobering look at society’s dependence on oil and what might happen when it runs out. Like all the Transition screenings, this is free, but if you’d like to make a donation to support their efforts and the efforts of Southside Hub, we welcome you to dig deep. There’s no popcorn, but this isn’t exactly a popcorn kind of movie. Come on out, learn something from the film, and meet some like-minded individuals working to make a difference.

According to Transition member and Southside Hub core member Gabriel Piemonte, “Transition Hyde Park-Kenwood is an effort to organize the community around planning for significant economic and environmental change that is coming our way. Transition HP-K is part of the national Transition US movement, with more than 100 communities across the country actively preparing for that future. Transition HP-K is currently building support in the community to join that group, offering these film screenings and discussions on a regular basis, among other activities.”

Check out our film screenings page for info about future film events.


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