A fantastic open house!

Photo by Lizzy Szwaya

Thanks to everyone who came to the SHoP grand open house on Saturday! It was a huge success and an auspicious start to our year. Very special thanks to all the artists, collaborators, and volunteers whose hard work and dedication have gotten us to this point. This was the first of many more events, so check the calendar often. Even though we are open for business, we still need volunteers to continue working on the house and to staff open hours during the day. Contact Laura Shaeffer to sign up.


One thought on “A fantastic open house!

  1. I could tell the Grand Opening party was a big success by the glow of excitement from the crowd, by how much fun the kids there were having [kids don’t fake how they’re feeling] and because the food was mostly gone already. OK – I got there a bit late, but still… The bar in the back, called the Red Flag, was serving up gourmet Bloody Marys, made with heirloom tomato infused vodka and garnished with little pickled green tomatoes. My wife Gail was making them, and she went through 5 large cans of tomato juice, so people were definitely enjoying them.

    I took a few photos, though it was night by the time arrived, so there was much wonderful stuff that I wasn’t equipped to shoot. Obviously, the room full of art radios caught my attention. And the wacky thrift shop. Much much else.

    Here’s a link to the photos:


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