Last Working Day Before Grand Open House – and HUGE YARD SALE

Thanks to all who came by last Saturday. We had an extremely productive weekend, sanding and patching walls, tearing up carpet, installing functional artwork, and shooting a video. The place is really coming along, which you can see better thanks to Jane Comiskey who very generously donated clean windows inside and out for the Fenn house! We can see clearly now and I do love that song!

This Saturday we will have our huge and amazing yard sale to benefit SHoP, and we need your unwanteds and helping hands!

Come on by for our treasures, stay to get your hands dirty, and share a celebratory drink with us at 6:00 when we will have hopefully sold the yard sale, finished preparing the walls, painted them with a gorgeous craftsman color, removed all the carpets upstairs (yuck!), and changed the old institutional lighting! (Well, at least some of that!)

The best connections are made through working and building together! So let’s learn by doing, share our knowledge, and enjoy good company while we work to support something meaningful!

Generous members of the community are offering skill shares. If you wish to help out, teach us what you know, learn a life skill, look around, or buy a treasure, come by between 10 and 6 p.m.

This Saturday, we will learn about painting techniques, “cutting in”*, craftsman colors, and more!

We invite you to join in the fun! The OPEN HOUSE is coming up very soon, and we appreciate your help! All volunteers will get hours in the Time Bank exchange.**

Don’t forget to clean out your closets, basements, and cellars–it’s all tax deductible. But most important is what you get back when you get rid of bags and bags of stuff–SPACE.

We’re looking forward to seeing and working with you!

Yours with gratitude at SHoP

* Don’t know what “cutting in” is…come and find out, it will blow your mind!
** Don’t know what the Time Bank is? It’s worth your time to find out!


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